Search Firm and Athletic BRANDING ADVOCATES

Our mission is to empower athletes to achieve success while positively impacting the global corporate landscape.


We’re here to help ease the transition from player to business professional by connecting athletes and prospective companies.  The process begins by identifying the unique qualities and skill sets of our candidates and determining where they could find the most success in their career. From a corporate perspective, we look for candidates that exemplify the attributes necessary to take a company to the next level.

How We Help You Grow

Just as athletes can be trained to focus on improving their game, career pros can be motivated to pursue advancement. We apply this idea to foster a growth mindset by:

  • Establishing meaningful relationships with athletes and businesses alike
  • Enabling growth through athletes’ social media channels
  • Sustaining growth through athlusion social media platforms

Our Core Values

Athlusion was founded on five key principles that drive us to provide the best services possible. Whether you’re building your career or growing your team, you’ll notice the impact of these values from day one.


Going beyond the limits of conventional thought or action


Steadfast adherence to repeatable principles


Inclusive of all


Faithful to commitments, clients and obligations

Servant Leadership

Valuing and prioritizing the needs of others

Meet the Team


Athlusion was born from a desire help collegiate athletes continue to find success as they transition from the athletic courts to the business world. Co-Founders George Padjen and Chad Welk have each spent the last 20 years perfecting their evaluation techniques and acumen to develop a network of highly qualified current and former student athletes.

Combined with their connection to industry and business professionals looking hire deeply vetted individuals, George and Chad are able to provide a mutually beneficial platform for both parties.


Ready To Create Your Gameplan?

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